Welcome to My World

Hello! My name is Cassandra, but most call me Cass! I am excited for you to get to know a little more about me... the Heart of Brewed Harmony Digital and how all the roads lead to right here...

Personal Journey & Passion

Where it all began....

When I was working as a Mortgage Agent - I was trying to find a way to earn income, make a difference and support businesses in a way that allowed me to have flexibility with my family. In that, I was also looking at the skills that I had developed from my formal education and in my work experience to this point to start creating packages that not only fed my goals but also allowed me the chance to support business owners and learn along the way.

So, after I found my first agency I worked with, I took advantage of learning and developing not only my hard skills - file management, digital platforms, email management, social media management, and other areas related to business in a non-brick mortar method - I also took advantage of finding mentors to help me really identify and clarify where my passions lie.

One soft skill to come out of it was just how Multi-Passionate I was - how I loved diving into different tech - how it all inter-connected and worked together - but it also brought out just how Introverted I am.

For years, I could extrovert with limits - but I would spend days recovering from that - so by finding like minded Coaches, Mentors and Fellow Business Owners, I began my journey to understand how to not only how I work best - but keep it so that any one (not just introverts) love to work with me!

Leap of Faith...

In 2019, I took the leap to full time - I had secured the income to replace the admin role I had - plus with my commissions, I was able to start working towards the goal of full time self employment. I haven't looked back since! I have loved every moment, mentor, lesson and client since... and I know there are many more to meet yet!

Professional Highlights

Proud Achievements Along the Way...

The one where I kept Upleveling to support my clients... obm, geekpack, funnels...

I love to learn and grow so I can better support my clients

I am an eternal learner - so as I have grown in my craft - I have dived into additional learning so that I can really make sure I understand all the things being asked of me and make appropriate recommendations

  • Business Administration - Human Resources Diploma - 2005

  • Mortgage Certification Course - Ontario Canada - 2017

  • VA Certification with Virtual Gurus - 2019

  • Launched my First Social Media Course (Virtual Gurus) - 2020

  • OBM Certification - IAOBM - 2021

  • GeekPack Web Design Program - 2022

  • Funnel Hacker Challenge - 2023

Special Moments

With diving in deep and leaning into my colleagues - I can proudly say my education, work experience and life experience has come full circle.

I can remember my first foray into the internet (I'm talking Grade 2 folks!) and learning what HTTP meant and how to navigate properly... to High school where I took computer programing and designing - creating my first websites and how to code them...

Now, I get the priviledge of working with international companies - building websites, growing funnels - updating automations and just helping their client journey and marketing along the way - thus allowing my clients to achieve their dreams and growing the life that they always envisioned.

To me ... that is the best part of my job. Full Stop.

More About Me

A Day in the Life...

In 2022, my family and I made the big move from Ontario to New Brunswick to see what life was like on the East Coast. Before that, we had lived in a few communities around Central/Eastern Ontario.

I am a wife, mom to 2 amazing kids (Gr 10 & Gr 2) and newly adopted in the last year, 2 brothers - Thor & Loki

Did you know....

We have owned 4 Homes in the almost 20 years my husband and I have been together, but we have lived in 3 houses in the last 5 Years! That's a lot of moving boxes. With the exception of this home in New Brunswick - all of our other homes have been reno-houses to not only move us up the property ladder but also to experience new and exciting things.

We have lived in Cottage Country, Peterborough & Kawarthas and the Greater Napanee Area so we have seen some things! Also met amazing people!

Fun Facts:

I'm a new food blogger (and soon to be cookbook offer), passionate about cooking from scratch (Rural Kitchen Style) when I can but not afraid to use the short cuts as they are handy! We are big movie buffs - we have no idea how many DVDs we have but we still buy them - even in the streaming age. We have been to Toronto's Fan Expo 2x and I have met some amazing actors each time! I cannot wait until we go to the next one! 🤓

I also love biographies, I am passionate about the Royal Family (have been published saying "Congrats Queen Elizabeth II on your Golden Jubilee - You Rock!" in Canadian Living Magazine in High school (😆) and my family often refers me as the Trivia Movie Queen for all the random Hollywood facts I can pop up with.

Coffee chats

Now Enough about me! 🤣

I absolutely cherish having coffee chats – they're a wonderful way to connect and share stories. I'd be delighted to sit down, virtually or with a cup in hand, to learn more about you and your journey.

Let's schedule a time to enjoy some good coffee and great conversation!

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Tara Reid - Tara Reid Marketing

Working with Cassandra was amazing! I felt a bit scattered, overwhelmed, and unsure of what needed to change. Now, I feel confident and ready to move forward with my next steps toward even more business growth.

Val Helmond - Nova Scotia Road Trip

I have personally grown in my knowledge , skills and confidence largely due to the positive outlook and care to details Cass provides. ❣